July 13, 2021 at 11:00am | Danesha Ritzberg

Dream House, a shared living space company launched in 2017 from the apartment of John Whatley and James Williams, is returning to Atlanta from the East! After the duo that calls themselves the What Will Bros launched Dream House in Atlanta, offering sleeping cots then apartments to coders and travelers, they were offered a chance to pitch to well-known Hong Kong investors Japreet Sethi and Thomas Cheng. During this pitch, John meets Frank Fan who would become the company CFO and partner in the Hong Kong market. Now after 3 years of developing a talented team of tech and sales reps, a strong pipeline of service rental locations, receiving two grants for $500,000 from Incubators and subsidies, and serving scores of happy flexible stay members they call "Dreamers", Dream House is turning their sites to the USA starting with Atlanta, Georgia! Coming with them is a system that has seen Dream House grow NOI from 19 to 30% for partner developers and landlords.

"We are very focused on developing processes and the technical platform as a function of what we learn from operating communities around the world and what we learn from our customers. We decided early on to start with a more human approach to the business and not think so much of technology," said John, CEO of Dream House. The question still remains how will a shared living space company fair in a Covid-19 market, when asked John said "I think it's very interesting. It's clearly been a big change, not only in Hong Kong nor Atlanta, but all over the world, people are spending more time in their home thinking much more about the interior and the size, and where their home is, and in Hong Kong specifically, we've seen people upgrading their housing, which is, of course, a big market. And whilst doing that, we see they're also much more interested in the availability of in-unit services which they weren't before. We believe this trend is universal as people spend more and more time at home Dream House offers the services and experiences to make that desire a reality."

Dream House was launched as a new solution to urban living, offering modern professionals a smarter, more connected, and exciting way of living. Combining traditional hospitality with the smartest digital solution has created an elevated balance of home, co-living space, and short-stay hotel.
Dream House is actively expanding across all the gateway cities of the world, there is a lot to cover. "We're using all the latest IoT and smart tech, Dream House has its own app; you download it and there you can interact with other renters, find new units, pay rent, and make service request for a technician to visit you. This is part of our model and something we find our renters love regardless of the market," said John. In Atlanta, DreamHouse is aggressively partnering with developers and property owners to list and fill their empty space with their network of internationally-minded young professional members.



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