April 15, 2021 at 11:00am | Danesha Ritzberg

In-laws are a crazy subject and that's because some people don't care if their in-laws like them. They feel as though, I'm not in a relationship with them so who cares. But others strive for their in-laws to like them.
Which person are you? You can also be on the other side as the person who cares if your family likes other people or you may not care. And you have to have that conversation with yourself to find out what you feel is important to you. And if you haven't thought about it, now is the time.

Is family important to you? If so is it the immediate family or extended family? You could also feel like the immediate family is only the family you created. If extended family is important to you do a little test, have a family weekend trip, and see how everyone interacts. Or spend the next holiday together and see how it works. And it's tricky because it may seem like everyone is getting along until something major happens.

Another aspect is what about each side of the family getting along with each other? Do they have to get along or does it not matter? For me, extended family and both sides of the family getting along doesn't matter. But parents and siblings are important. Darrell and I are both family-oriented people and so it's important to each of us for our spouse to gel well with our family.

The thing is me and Darrell I both get along really well with each other's family and our parents get along well too. Our moms are almost the same person. And like everyone knows Mr. Freeman lives with us so I better get along with my in-laws. Now don't get it twisted living with in-laws is a whole different ball game and he stresses me out but we are finishing this basement and that will be right where he is.

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