March 23, 2021 at 11:00am | Danesha Ritzberg

Selling your house can be exciting and scary. You want the process to be as smooth as possible. The way to make sure of that is to do your due diligence when it comes to putting your home on the market.

Ask yourself a few questions:
How much do I want for my house?
What is my home worth?
Should I sell it myself?
Should I hire a realtor?

So if you decide that you should hire a realtor. I have the secret recipe for finding the perfect realtor to sell your home. Below I am going to give you 10 tips to make sure you hire the right real estate agent, your experience is satisfying and of course, your home gets sold for the most money in the quickest time possible.

1. Google
Why Google? Because you can learn a lot of things online about someone. Are they selling? Are they an ax murder? Are they professional? Do you like their marketing. So make sure to google. Write a list of requirements that you're looking for in a realtor and when you google, make sure that the realtor you decide to interview posses' all of the qualities.

2. Referral
Of course, referrals are amazing. The reason being is this person has already worked with someone you know and they did an amazing job. Now you hope they would do the same for you but in case a referral doesn't work out you can always go back to trusty old google.

3. Interview
You must interview the agent. Now that you've done lots of research and you feel that you have found the right agent to interview, it's time to find out what they are really about. When you're interviewing, remember the list that you made when googling? Go back to that list and make sure that you ask all of those questions in person. And pay attention to the answers, body language, and reaction.

4. Marketing
Find out what kind of marketing plan they have. Ask them how well this plan works and how will it help you sell your home. Be sure to know what you require when it comes to marketing your home.

5. Connection
To me, this is a big one. When working with someone you not only want to have someone who will do a great job but you also want to connect with the person. To make the experience more pleasurable you must have a connection.

6. Knowledge
Not only is knowledge important it's necessary. You want someone who understands real estate. They must understand the market, negotiations, and how to get a home sold. Now as the homeowner I understand that you may think you know what's best but allow the professionals to do what they know best.

7. Professionalism
Along with knowledge comes professionalism. You want the person selling your home to be professional in a relatable way. The reason being is this person most likely takes their business seriously and they will do what it takes to get the job done. Their name is on the line and they refuse to look unprofessional.

8. Knowing the market
Now we spoke about this earlier in the post but let us dig a little deeper on this topic. Knowing the market means that you know what kind of homes typically sell in a particular area. You also know the average sales price of the homes in a particular area. You understand what it takes to price a home properly and how long it'll take the home sold based on the price.

Now this one may be the most important because without knowing the market none of the other things matter. It's like taking a shot in the dark and hoping to hit the bullseye. It probably won't work.

Now that you have the tools you need to hire the right person to sell your home, it's time to go and get that home SOLD. If you feel you need more information please give Ritzberg Realty a call and we will tell you how we can sell your home for More Money in Less Time. Ritzberg Realty can have your home SOLD in 2 weeks. Find out how by clicking the Sell My House FastTab.



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