January 13, 2020 at 11:00am | Danesha Ritzberg

My story on how to become a successful real estate is one for the books. Residential real estate is not an easy job but it's very fulfilling. I wanted to get into real estate sales when I was 18 years old. My mom said no, you can't just make a commission. You have to get paid by the hour and know your paycheck every two weeks.

She didn't know better and who am I to say she's wrong, she's my mom. It worked for her this far, right? Wrong.

I worked jobs all of my 20's and I was miserable. I'd be so happy to start the new job and after about six months I'd be hating it. It was something I couldn't understand. Everyone else worked a job and they seem happy. Is there something wrong with me?

There was nothing wrong with me. I was never ever meant to work for anyone. I'm a leader, the oldest of 4. My mom worked and went to school, so I ran the household. Typical single mom household in the United States. But it was the norm for us, so I just did it.

Now fast forward to age 29 and about a million jobs later, I decided, 'Danesha you can't be a waitress your entire life'. You have to do something that will allow you to retire. Well, not only retire but be able to be home for your child before and after school.

You need something that will allow you to not only live in a multi-family unit but own one. A career that will allow you to own multiple single-family homes. So I thought long and hard. I gave being a realtor another shot. I signed up for school. It was very hard because I had a lot going on.

Although I was retaining the information, I couldn't pass the school test. Based on my current life and mindset I decided to wait a year to take the test a second time. And of course, I failed. So I had to take the class all over again.

This time I was focused. I passed the school test the first time. But then I took the state exam and FAILED! At this point, I was determined not to give up. I took the state exam a few days later and passed. YAY! What's next on the agenda?

I went to Metrobrokers and signed up for commercial and residential. Wrong move for someone just starting out. It was too expensive and I had no clue where to start. When I say, I was lost in the sauce, and it was a recipe for disaster. Also, none of the agents' were willing to help a new agent.

So I went to Century 21. It seemed promising but my broker had me going to look at properties and putting in offers so that he could know the lowest price they'd take. The entire time his plan was to steal the deals from me. That's crazy, right?

I decided to quit. I couldn't get help, my broker was untrustworthy and I felt like the only thing left for me to do was QUIT! I stopped practicing real estate for about two years and went back to work in the club.

I got a job as a something or other in the mortgage industry with Wells Fargo. But then I got my "Dream Job" or so I thought. It was at Von Maur, it was AMAZING for all of two weeks and I was miserable again.

I ended up getting a waitress job at Ok Cafe while at Von Maur. One of the chefs from The Hilton, where I worked part-time while at Von Maur, yeah I was a job hopper, told me "the girls at my job make a lot of money and I can get you a job". So I was like OKAY!

I got hired and I HATED IT! I got Fired. But in the midst of working there, I realized that I am not someone who should work for people.

I had a sit down with myself, 'Danesha, go reactivate your license" and I did. But this time I did my research. This time I wanted to be at a real estate brokerage that offered training and support. I did my due diligence and I ended up going with Keller Williams. I really liked Keller William there was a lot of training and a sense of family in the atmosphere, I was in love!

You could ask anyone anything and they'd be willing to help. Although I had great training and support, I still didn't make any money for 10 months. I called out of the yellow pages and the door knocked every day, still nothing.

I wasn't discouraged because God told me if I get up every day and do what I'm supposed to do, he will make sure everything is taken care of. Also, I had started changing my mindset, which is a very big deal in sales. I ended up getting fired from my last job in October of 2014 and I vowed to NEVER apply for a job again.

On August 17th of 2015 my 10th month I had 2 closings in one day. One closing for $9K and the other closing for $9900. It was on and popping from there. I was like, oh I can do this no problem.

My hard work ended up paying off. One of the agents in the office noticed how hard I worked and how consistent I am and referred me to another agent who needed my help. I starting closing deals for that agent and I was in the game. I've been closing my own deals since.

I grew a small team and opened my own brokerage in October 2016. It was virtual and I named it Ritzberg Realty, October is my month, clearly. And of course, I have lots of ups and downs but that's for another blog.

What I learned from the 10 months, that I didn't make any money, is that I can't give up. If one way isn't working or stops working find another way. Where there's a will there's away and I have a Wil with me always, he's my 14-year-old son. The number one thing I learned is you MUST have faith.

P.S. I haven't even applied for another job and I don't believe I EVER will.

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