The Ritzberg Team has lots of programs to help every kind of buyer and seller. The knowledge and experience it takes to follow through on these programs are why  The Ritzberg Team has the best real estate agents in Smyrna.  We offer a Bad Credit to Closing Table Program. We will create a plan to help you get from, Bad Credit To Closing Table, (hence the name) lol. There is more information in the, how to fix your credit to buy a house tab. We also offer a Try It Before You Buy It Program, where you can literally try the house out before you buy it. Check out our rent-to-own program tab. One of our best programs is the Love Starts at Home program. We offer incentives to buyers and sellers who meet certain criteria. For more info check the calling all local heros' tab. The Ritzberg Team is also hiring, if you're looking to join a dynamic team, click the looking to join Ritzberg Realty tab. And don't forget to follow us on social media by clicking the follow us on social media tab. Now meet our team: The best real estate agents in Smyrna.

Danesha Ritzberg is the Broker/Owner of Ritzberg Realty, located in Smyrna. She has been a licensed REALTOR since 2012. Danesha is a wife and a mother. She has a 14-year-old son, a 9-year-old step-son, and 1-year-old twin boys. Danesha loves the real estate business and feels she's the best real estate agent in Smyrna because this is where she lives, works and plays. She knows all of the best places in Smyrna. She has worked for other brokerages and has taken what she felt was the best part of each brokerage and opened Ritzberg Realty 3 years ago, which was virtual. She has decided to open an actual location in October 2019 at 540 Windy Hill Rd SE Smyrna, GA 30080.

Danesha Ritzberg Broker (404) 531-7705

Victoria McGee Realtor (678) 535-2474

Blondine Nelson (404) 615-4369

Irene De la Cruz ISA (404) 836-1531

Lanee Fry Jones Agent (404) 566-9868

Keisha Watson Realtor (917) 979-9810